Microsoft revamps the Cortana app on Android and iOS

Microsoft has started rolling out a brand new version of the Cortana app for Android and iOS; a complete design overhaul, focusing on making Cortana something a bit more beautiful than its usual self.

The new design is very different from the old one; the new design features colors, smooth animations, and looks quite alien compared to what is present on Windows – is this a hint for Project NEON? Who knows!

By default, the new app features a purple accent – as you can see in the video – but this color is customizable, so you can choose it to be whatever you want. That’s in-line with the HomeHub rumors, where Cortana will represent each user with a different color.

Outside the U.S.

The new app really does give us a few hints for the future; while Microsoft offers Cortana in multiple languages and locales on Windows 10, the Android and iOS apps have been limited to U.S. English since their launch.

With today’s update, the app arrives on the shores of U.K. Hopefully it will expand to the rest of Europe and Asia following this development.


For the existing users, the Cortana app for Android have started rolling out via the Google Play Store – if you haven’t received the update yet, just be patient and hold on to your hope.

Cortana for iOS will receive this same update in a few weeks – the iOS users need more patience than Android users.

If you haven’t given Cortana a shot and would like to check out her services, the app is available for Android via the Google Play Store and iOS via the Apple AppStore. iOS users – for now – will be getting the old version, as the new version is yet to release.

You can read more about the update over at Microsoft’s official blog.

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