Microsoft removes the Windows 10 upgrade app from Windows 7/8.1

Microsoft installed the ‘Get Windows 10’ app in an update for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 just before the launch of Windows 10.

Upgrade to Windows 10

At the time, it was a great way to lift a sizeable chunk of the Windows user base to the latest OS. While Microsoft was being very generous with the free upgrade, it did have a larger purpose – if everyone were on Windows 10, it would be easier to drop support for Windows 7. After all, nobody wants another Windows XP.

Things didn’t remain as pleasant, however, with Microsoft becoming extremely aggressive in regards to how they deliver the updates. In fact, aggressive enough to receive several lawsuits against themselves.

Microsoft didn’t stop, though – the free offer coupled with the aggressive push stayed strong as ever until 2 months ago – when the offer ended.

The KB3184143

Today, Microsoft pushed the KB3184143 update to Windows 7 and 8.1 PCs around the globe. It doesn’t change much – it’s not like you can still get the free upgrade offer – what it does though is remove all traces of the ‘Get Windows 10 app’ from Windows 7/8.1. It’s simply an update that cleans up a few files that are not needed anymore since the upgrade offer is over.

Straight from the update’s description:

This update removes the Get Windows 10 app and other software related to the Windows 10 free upgrade offer that expired on July 29, 2016. For a complete list of the software removed by this Windows Update, see the update replacement information.

Those who wanted to update, did so early. Those who did not want to update, were likely forced to due to the aggressive behaviour of the update tool. Those who missed the upgrade window or were adamant about being the rebel – now have to shell out hundreds of dollars to get the version of Windows 10 they want, unless they use assistive technologies.

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