Microsoft removes the Lumia 650 and 735 from its US store

Microsoft abandoned its Lumia line up of devices on the last day of 2016; none of the Lumia devices were in stock, and there was little hope of them ever coming back.

It seems, however, that Microsoft found an old inventory of Lumia devices lying around in a warehouse somewhere; the devices have halted production, but some of them have appeared back in stock on the Microsoft U.S. store.

Specifically, the Lumia 649 XL, 950 and 950 XL devices showed up once again. That was, however, last week; things have changed today.

The Disappearance

Microsoft is merely trying to cut its losses; the listings for Lumia 650 and 735 have now (properly) been pulled off the Windows Store, indicating that Microsoft has no plans to bring either of the devices back.

Lumia 650’s demise is especially notable, as it was the last Windows 10 Mobile device to come out of Microsoft. It was also the most popular mid-range Windows 10 Mobile headset in the U.S.

The Last of Them

Today, only the Lumia 950 and 550 appear to be in stock, with the rest of the Lumia devices out of stock once again.

Lumia 950 is selling for an extremely affordable $300, while the Lumia 550 is a mere $140. Amazon is still carrying the Lumia 650, but it appears to be gone for good from the Microsoft store.

The Windows 10 Mobile platform doesn’t seem to have a bright future; Satya Nadella’s ‘ultimate mobile device‘ might not even rely on the success of Windows 10 Mobile, after all, the giant has already invested more than enough without much success.

The ability to run x86 applications on a mobile ARM processor might save Microsoft’s overall mobile strategy, but it would most likely sacrifice the Windows 10 Mobile platform – at least as we know it.

Hopefully, better days are to come for Microsoft’s mobile endeavors.

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