Microsoft removes the HealthVault app for Windows Phone from store

Microsoft has been making some moves with its fitness and health offerings for the past few weeks. This only seems to be the latest of events, with more to come.

Microsoft HealthVault

Microsoft has started notifying the users of its HealthVault service about its plans of dropping support for the Windows Phone app by September 22. This decision comes weeks after Microsoft renamed its ‘Health’ app to ‘Band’ on all of the platforms.

However, the Health service, and the HealthVault are not the same thing – despite the similar names. The purpose of HealthVault is to merely store your health information, allowing you to look it up at any point.

In the email Microsoft sent to its users, Microsoft says:

“Microsoft is ending support for HealthVault on Windows Phone and removing it from the Windows Phone Store. Support for our other apps, including Windows and iOS, remain unaffected. Information stored within HealthVault is not impacted and data can be accessed via the HealthVault website (”

It is to be noted that HealthVault does not have an Android app, and the app it has for Windows PCs was made for Windows 8 and then never updated to the UWP framework for Windows 10.

It is not yet clear what Microsoft is trying to do with this shuffling of brands, apps, and devices. When Microsoft renamed its ‘Health’ app to ‘Band,’ we mentioned it might have done that to make room for a new service. These actions point towards that – by removing the HealthVault service, Microsoft can merge its features into the new service.

Microsoft might also be discontinuing its Band devices lineup altogether, in which case the new Health service might just be a software stack that helps you manage your health. At this point, all we can do is speculate, but there are two clear possibilities: a complete abandonment, or a revamp. For now, it seems the to be the latter; nothing is certain yet.


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