Microsoft releases Windows 10 UWP Community Toolkit 1.2

This one is for developers – if you are not a developer, you most probably won’t be able to understand anything this post mentions below.

The Toolkit update includes seven new Helpers, one new control, and several updates to existing features and controls. Microsoft says that the focus of this update was to stabilize and polish the currently available features while adding a few new most-requested features.

That’s not a bad strategy – there’s a full roadmap available for the next version – 1.3 – of Toolkit, over here. For now, let’s focus on what’s new with Toolkit 1.2.

  • New Controls:
    • There’s only one new control – it’s called MasterDetailView, and it will help developers create a master/detail user experience, as showcased in the GIF below.

    MasterDetailView in UWP Toolkit

  • New Helpers:
    • A new BackgroundTaskHelper to help you run background tasks
    • A new HttpHelper to assist you with HTTP requests – completely secure and reliable
    • A new PrintHelper which will help you print XAML controls.
    • A new DispatcherHelper which will help you work with tasks that need to run on the UI thread
    • A new DeepLinkHelper to help you simplify your deep links
    • A new WebViewExtensions, which will let you bind HTML content to your WebView control
    • A new SystemInformation helper which will gather all of the system information you could ask for in a single and unique class.
  • Updates and improvements:
    • ImageCache is improved to provide a more robust cache
    • HeaderTextBlock and PullToRefreshListView now accept ContentTemplate customization
    • The FacebookService now supports paging when requesting data
    • The BladeControl has been renamed to BladeView, which now also derives from ItemsControl. For backward compatibility, BladeControl is still available but is marked obsolete.

These improvements should help developers make better, more user-friendly applications – though, a DataGrid control is still missing from the UWP Toolkit.

You can read about this update at Microsoft’s official blog, and check out the 1.3 roadmap at GitHub.

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