Microsoft releases Windows 10 Anniversary Update to Current Branch for Business

The Current Branch for Business – or CBB, for short – is the version of Windows intended for business users; business users, unlike the typical consumers, require extremely well-tested software that can remain stable in the toughest times.

Of course, it would be nice if the consumer build would also go through the same rigorous testing as CBB release – alas, you can’t have everything.

Windows 10 Anniversary Update

In a blog post, Microsoft’s Michael Niehaus says that Microsoft had to address “nearly a thousand items of feedback from all types of customers, including enterprises performing pilot deployments.” That’s a lot of things that needed to be fixed after a commercial release.

The build being pushed for CBB is 14393.447, and the update comes as KB 3200970, or any subsequent update after that. The Anniversary Update would naturally bring the Windows 10 version to 1607.

What’s in the update

The Anniversary Update pushed for the CBB release is the same one pushed for the commercial release – as far as the features go.

For businesses, features such as Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection – or WDATP, for short – will help them identify and mitigate against advanced attacks against their networks.

Along with that, the Anniversary Update also brings a range of improvements for identity protection, data protection, and much more. You can read all about the security improvements in Anniversary Update over at Microsoft’s official blog.

Since the commercial release and the CBB release are same – business users also get improvements for Cortana, the Linux Subsystem, Windows Hello, and support for extensions in Edge.


Microsoft has previously said that the CBB release would see a delay of no more than six months after the consumer release – the Anniversary Update release for CBB fulfills that promise.

The update has started rolling out, and users on the CBB release channel should be able to upgrade their OS.

Of course, the next in line after CBB is the Long-term Servicing Branch. You can read Microsoft’s announcement at the official blog.

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