Microsoft Releases Office Insider Fast for Office 2016 on Windows

The Microsoft Insider program has been quite a success since its launch in 2014 with Windows 10 – with over 5 million Insiders, this is probably one of the biggest early-access program for the most complicated software products in the industry.

It’s not limited to Windows, though, as Microsoft has been busy expanding it to other products such as Office and Visual Studio.

Starting today – Microsoft is going to split the Insider program for Office into two levels, a “Slow” level that will be the default and a “Fast” one that will get features at an even faster rate.

Microsoft Insiders Program

If you are already in the Office Insider program, you are going to be automatically signed up for the Slow level by default. This will still get you new features before the public – but only twice every month, ensuring that this stream is a somewhat stable version.

For those who would like to live on the edge (see that?), the Fast level will provide new features and updates every week. This might result in a slightly more bug-ridden experience, but that’s what the Insiders signed up for.

Switch to the Fast level

You are going to have to be already an Insider on the Slow level to follow these steps, so make sure you are on version 16.0.7341.2021 of the Insiders Slow level build.

  • In any app from the Office suite – browse through File > Account > Office Insider > Change Level.
  • Here, click on the Insider Fast level and agree to the terms, then click OK.
  • Now click on Update Options and select the Update Now to force an update.

While the idea of having levels such as these is not a new concept, it is uncharted territory for the folks at Microsoft who are usually accustomed to having a massive QA team go through all of their products before a public release. In reality, this is quite similar to how Google manages many of its software including Chrome.


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