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Microsoft releases Office 365 Project Time Reporter for iOS, Android & Windows versions coming soon

While Microsoft does make world’s most-used consumer operating system, it has always been an enterprise-first company. The Office suite is the core of this enterprise Microsoft.


The Office suite comes with a whole bunch of tools – one of them you might not have heard of is Microsoft Project.

Microsoft Project is supposed to help large teams and organizations in assembling and tracking each team member’s contribution to the project. Timesheets are often used to track the progress of a project and keep track of vital statistics related to the project.

As it is with most of the Office suite – Microsoft Project was mostly a desktop application, but with the recent push towards Web and Mobile, Microsoft made sure Project was available online via Project Online for Office 365 since 2013.

Now, Microsoft has pushed towards a more mobile approach and has built the Project Time Reporter app for Office 365 subscribers. With the app, users can now track and update the status of the tasks they have been assigned.

Users will now be able to easily add new assignments and create personal tasks in the Timesheet view using the Office 365 Project Time Reporter. Additionally, users can filter tasks and send timesheet for approval.

For now, Microsoft has only released the app for iOS – and it’s available straight from the AppStore, but versions for Android and Windows Phone are also in the works. A release date for those is not clear yet.


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