Microsoft quietly renames its Health app to ‘Band’

A few days ago, it was reported that Microsoft is most likely not going to update its Band line of products this year. Today, Microsoft decided to do something wild and renamed the Microsoft Health app on Android, iOS and Windows Phone to ‘Microsoft Band.’

Microsoft Health.. or Band?

The decision to change the branding for the app is an odd one – the name ‘Microsoft Band’ implies that the app only works with the Band devices. However, that is not the case, as the app can work with a variety of smartphones to track the most of the same statistics, so calling it Microsoft Band simply confuses consumers.

Furthermore, if the Band line up is not being refreshed this year; the amount of (already low) Band users is not going to increase. By re-branding the Health app as ‘Band,’ Microsoft limits its scope and purpose.

There are then only two options left for speculation: Microsoft is killing its Health offering completely, or building a whole new product to replace it.

If the Health app is renamed to Band – it makes room for a new service to take its place, which can better represent the brand. This is speculation obviously, but it is a possibility to consider.

The more likely option is that Microsoft is simply abandoning the health space completely for now – abandoning the Band lineup was only the first step of doing so. Considering that Microsoft Health has been ignored by most major health-care service, and has lacked integration for a long while – it might be best to reset the products.

Only time (and leaks!) will tell what Microsoft plans to do with its health services, but this sure is a sad demise of something that once had great potential.


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