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Microsoft puts up the full WinHEC Keynote on Channel9

Microsoft held an incredible event today, giving us plentiful of news and surprises that nobody was expecting; WinHEC was, however, not streamed live – the event held in Shenzhen was only available to those who could visit the venue.

Microsoft has now put up the full keynote on their Channel 9 website; you can watch the full 48-minute-long keynote in all its glory by following this link.

The two folks you would probably recognize in the keynote – if you have been watching Microsoft keynotes – are Terry Myerson and Alex Kipman from the Microsoft Devices and Microsoft Operating System groups.

Since the event was in China, the keynote also has a lot of China-focused speakers as well – you might want to watch the event if you find that relevant.

We have, of course, covered everything that was showed off at the event – VR is becoming more accessible, Windows 10 is turning into an incredible operating system that works everywhere and anywhere – even letting you manage your SIM card – along with improvements for Cortana and much more.

The Channel 9 website will also let you download the full keynote as an MP3 or MP4 – you can listen to the keynote while driving to your work if you like.


Today was only the first day of the WinHEC event; tomorrow, we might get even more details about some of the announcements highlighted today.

In a few days – on December 14th and 15th – a second WinHEC event will be held in Taipei City, Taiwan; while most of it is probably going to be the same showcased today – there might be a few things new.

Exciting times are ahead of us – and for Microsoft – but one thing is for sure: Microsoft isn’t waiting for the industry to innovate, it’s going to do that by itself; reaping the rewards is only a side-effect.

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