Microsoft is providing dedicated support to Surface Studio owners

The Surface brand builds some of the most premium devices you could buy – they are innovative, and built as well as they look; the Surface devices, however, are not perfect and do have problems, more often than not.

Surface Studio

Microsoft recently started shipping the Surface Studio to those who had pre-ordered it in the hour following its announcement – it ran out of stock rather quickly – those who are receiving these units, are also receiving an email with some good news.


Considering that the Surface Studio starts at $3,000 – it would be much preferred that the people who buy it don’t have to deal with random issues if any do appear.

Microsoft, has hence, extended a dedicated line of support for the owners of Surface Studio – a dedicated phone line, just for those who buy the Surface Studio.

It is often seen that early adopters get the worst of a deal – they spend the most, and get the least. The only joy in being an early adopter is being one of the first to try something new, but it’s a small pleasure for a high price.

It is then, a great thing to see this – a dedicated support line, for those who have entrusted Microsoft to build a great All-in-One, and paid $3,000 (or more) for it.


If you are one of the lucky ones with a Surface Studio being shipped to your residence this week – you should have probably received the email with the support number as well.

If you are not one of the lucky ones – you can purchase the Surface Studio from the Microsoft Store, but the deliveries will be sometime in early 2017.

It’s a long wait – and we don’t know if the dedicated support line would be extended to the newcomers, or if it’s only available to the early adopters.

Nonetheless, if you are spending $3,000 on a desktop, exceptional support should be an expectation, rather than a surprise.


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