Microsoft pays $650 for misleadingly upgrading a PC to Windows 10

Windows 10 launched as a free upgrade for Windows 7 and 8/8.1 users, but it did a bit more than that – it essentially forced you to do it. Microsoft has remained quite unapologetic about its behavior during the dark times – it is, however, hard to forget the stories that popped up during the free upgrade program.

Upgrade to Windows 10

The latest in the list of victims of these forced upgrades is an Alzheimer’s disease patient whose Windows 7 computer was set up to look and behave like Windows XP, as that was the operating system he was the most comfortable with.

The computer was set up like that by his grandson, Jesse Worley, who works in IT. The Windows 7 PC was upgraded to Windows 10, because Microsoft thought it would be a splendid idea to treat the ‘X’ close window button, as an acceptance to upgrade the OS.

Of course, after this ordeal, his grandson had to spend hours restoring the computer to its earlier and intended configuration.

The Windows 8 Disaster

It is no secret that Windows 8 wasn’t quite up to the standard that people expect a Windows OS to be at – it was riddled with bugs and had an interface that confused not only the old but also the young and tech-savvy.

The saga of Windows 8 made many distrust Microsoft with future endeavors – some even switched to the Apple ecosystem – Windows 10, therefore, was seen with a lot of skepticism at launch.

The skepticism wasn’t helped by the troves of reports about privacy issues in Windows 10 – these issues are still present in Windows 10, and still are a point of concern for many.

The free upgrade program to Windows 10 ended earlier this year, but many users skipped their chance to get the upgrade, because of these privacy concerns – even though Windows 10 fixes many of the other issues that plagued Windows 8.

The Admittance

In this particular case, Microsoft did admit their fault; Worley submitted his grievance via the company’s recommended Notice of Dispute procedure, demanding compensation for the time spent on restoring his grandfather’s computer and a donation to an Alzheimer’s disease charity.

Microsoft agreed to compensate him for his time spent on restoring the computer, as the company already donates money to a number of charities around the world. Worley, of course, accepted the money and proceeded to donate it to

A decently happy ending for the whole ordeal, but this hasn’t always been the case – Microsoft has regularly fought against paying up compensation in other cases.

The amount of $650 isn’t very much in the grand scheme of things, but for Microsoft to admit their fault is something to be taken note of.


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