Microsoft patent suggests connecting two Surface tablets with a keyboard connector

Microsoft is vast; with over 140,000 employees, Microsoft is constantly brewing new ideas. That is good – a stagnated technology company is no longer a technology company, but a giant bloated machine that does nothing – à la Yahoo.

Microsoft keyboard patent

This patent was published just a few days ago and describes a dual-headed connector – perhaps magnetic – which could “link” two Surface tablets, treating them as one. Microsoft says the two devices could talk wirelessly, or via the connector – or both, depending on what is more optimal.

It is an interesting idea, but the first question that comes to the mind is – why would anyone own two Surface devices? The same question probably echoed within Microsoft as well – which is why this patent also describes connecting other devices such as phones, portable media players, and other tablets.

Microsoft would obviously be more than happy if you spent your money on a second Surface tablet – but that’s probably not what this device is intended to do. In theory, this connector should let you “link” your Surface tablet with your phone, and use them together at a desk.

How this is different from a regular Bluetooth keyboard that can already switch between two devices on-the-fly is not clear, perhaps this will offer a better user experience; or maybe this patent will also go in the pile of useful-but-never-used patents that every technology company has, including Microsoft. Samsung has given us a few novel ideas as well.

You can read the full patent description over here, along with all the diagrams published. The patent was originally filed on 23rd of June this year – it is recent, so Microsoft could be actively working on this thing right now.

Though, we probably won’t be seeing it until next year – if it is a real product at all – and certainly not at the October 26th event.

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