Microsoft partners with Renault-Nissan to develop futuristic services for cars

Microsoft has been partnering with a lot of car manufacturing companies recently. They recently partnered with Mercedes to bring Office apps directly onto the cars and now they have partnered with Renault-Nissan to develop some next generation services for cars.

These services will take advantage of Microsoft Azure which is Microsoft’s very own cloud service to bring features like better navigation, remote monitoring, predictive services etc. directly to the cars.

The partnership will bring some security features like a total enterprise level security for the cars with the use of Microsoft Azure. Both Renault as well as Nissan, are two brands that have an appearance in countries around the world which will provide Microsoft to bring these features to a global level.

Microsoft will provide a lot of things to the car buyers in this partnership and a few of those are listed below.

  • Syncing settings from one car to another will be possible since Microsoft Azure is what is powering this feature. This will help people have their own customizations and settings already set in a car that they are about to drive.
  • Microsoft will also be adding some productivity-related features like being able to check Calendar, tasks etc. while on the journey right within the car itself.
  • Customers who are using these cars will be able to communicate with others easily. You can check the ETA timings, the calendar etc. and even automatic payment to toll for parking or highways using this very system.
  • Remote monitoring of car will now be easy as car owners will be able to check on their vehicles easily and that too from anywhere. This can also be used to start the air conditioning remotely and even unlock and lock the car.
  • Theft protection is also an added advantage with this new system. The owner of the car will be able to track the stolen vehicle and you can easily disable the car remotely. Geofencing will allow you to create predefined area borders which will be helpful if the car leaves a predefined area. The user will be notified immediately.

All this is aimed towards providing a much better driving and car ownership experience and Microsoft is surely making your car smarter than it ever was. We should see some cars from the partnership coming out into the market soon.

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