Microsoft opens three brand new data centers in the UK

Microsoft has finally set up three new data centers in the UK – these are located in Durham, Cardiff and London. As reported by the BBC, the idea was first suggested by Mike Stone – the Chief Information Officer at the Ministry of Defence – two years ago, so it is about time Microsoft got them up and running.

Microsoft Azure Data Center

These data centers are targeted towards businesses in the UK who want to keep their data within the UK – something that is relevant now more than ever, because of the United State’s interest in data snooping and mining. The new servers will also help Microsoft provide Azure services, as well as Office 365 services while keeping all of the user data within the UK.

The UK’s Ministry of Defence and the NHS Trust are going to use these new data centers for their services and adopt newer cloud-based products while in the process. While the MoD obviously deals with classified information – none of the employees would be allowed to store these documents in the Azure platform just yet. However, Mr. Stone told the BBC this restriction could be relaxed at some point in the future.

Besides the Ministry of Defence and the NHS Trust, a few of the private companies have also shown interest in using these new services. Capita, a social care firm will be providing online tools to their social care workers and Careflow Connect, a chat application for health professionals believe that keeping the patient-related messages within the UK would reassure the NHS managers.

Microsoft is offering great services via these new data centers but more things need to be done since Amazon already has plans to expand its existing UK operations. While Amazon does not offer any equivalent of Office 365, Amazon’s AWS remains a lot more popular than the Azure platform.

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