Microsoft Office 2016 : Top 10 New Features

We already reported the Microsoft Office 2016 launch in detail, but we couldn’t cover the features that have been introduced with Office 2016 as it would take a separate post. Here is that separate post where we have listed the best features introduced by Microsoft in Office 2016.

Let us remember that Microsoft’s major part of revenue comes from the Microsoft Office suite as well as Microsoft Office 365 services and this is why Office is such a big deal for them. Microsoft Office has made a place of its own in the sphere of office apps with some great features. Microsoft Office 2016 comes with many new features that we are going to list in this post.

Top 10 New Features in Microsoft Office 2016


The Co-authoring feature has been available in Google Docs and MS Word Online since a long time but it was about time Microsoft brought this feature on the desktop version of Office as well. Currently, you can use co-authoring only on Microsoft Word 2016 but it will be brought as a feature to other Microsoft Office applications in time.

Tell Me

Remember the Clippy assistant we used to have in older version of Office? Well, Office 2016 brings a new assistant to help you while editing your documents. This feature is present in Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, Project, Visio, and Access. You can simply type in your query and Tell Me will get the answers for you.

Smart Lookup

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The grammar and word correction in Microsoft Office have always been random. It works in a very weird manner but with Office 2016 you can select a word and the Office app you are using will show the Insights about the word from various resources including Wikipedia and many other places.

Office Sway

The Microsoft Office Sway is one more app in the Office suite that allows you to create interactive presentations. It was available as a standalone program, but now it is included in the Office suite of apps. The presentations you make with Sway can be easily used on the web and you can embed them anywhere you want.

Data Forecasting in One Click

Data forecasting is one of the most used features in Microsoft Excel. It provides the critical output based on a historical data. It is now very easy to get data forecasts on MS Excel as all you need to do is select the cells and on the basis of selected cells, Excel will offer the one-click option for forecasting.

Mail Triage

The Microsoft Outlook client now analyses your emailing pattern and the people you email the most to prioritize your email inbox and presents email is a much better way that not only saves you time, but presents everything that is important for you.

Business integration for Skype as well as OneDrive

Microsoft bought Skype long ago and after that day it has been their priority to make Skype a better communication tools for businesses. Skype can now be used with other Office applications while Co-authoring a document for better communication.

On the other hand, OneDrive has got some serious improvements of its own. Syncing is now better and you can sync multiple selective folders now.

Microsoft Planner

MS Office now comes with a new app called Planner that is a team coworking app to enhance the efficiency of tasks done in a team. MS Planner has a new feature called the Office Graph which lets you have a timeline record of each and every document editing, email actions, and other activity the users.

New Themes

Microsoft Office on Mac was not updated since the 2011 version and it didn’t match to the design language and elements that a Mac uses today. Microsoft provides a new wave of fresh air to Mac users and Windows users as well with two themes. You can choose a Blue theme or a Classic theme as per your liking.

Windows 10 Support

Last but not the least, Microsoft has deeply integrated many Windows 10 features inside Office 2016. You can use Cortana with Microsoft Office and you can use the biometric security features provided with Windows 10 on Microsoft Office 2016 for Windows 10.

Personally I feel that the Microsoft Office 2016 is a really nice update with a lot of new features. My personal favorite is the Co-authoring feature as it is one of the most used features for me when I am editing online. Which feature do you think is the best?

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