Microsoft Office 2016 released worldwide for Windows & Mac

Microsoft has launched the Office 2016 around the world which is a MAJOR update after Microsoft Office 2013 was released back in January 2013. Microsoft Office provides a major part of the revenue Microsoft earns as a company. Each and every update to the Office line-up from Microsoft is a big deal and ever since they released the Microsoft Office 365, they have been working towards making the whole Office ecosystem across devices stronger with time.

History of MS Office

MS Office is a major thing when it comes to the software services that the company provides. As I mentioned before, the Microsoft Office suite brings a major part of the revenue to the company.

Microsoft updates Microsoft Office every once in a while and the last update for Windows was in 2013 with the Microsoft Office 2013. The one on Mac is quite outdated with the release date going back to 2011. It was updated in 2012 with some new additions like Retina support etc. But other than that, Microsoft Office on Mac hasn’t changed one bit and it also looked quite outdated as the design elements on Mac OS X have changed a lot in recent times.

Welcome the MS Office 2016 for Windows & Mac

Now that Microsoft Office 2016 has been released as a standalone version for users, we can finally take a look at what new things it comes with.

The Office 2016 version was available for users since July but only for those who were using Office 365. The standalone version is available now for all users across Windows as well as Mac OS X based systems.

The Office 2016 comes with some really nice features that include the real time collaboration feature which has been available on Google Docs since quite a while. Even Microsoft had this feature on the web version of Office from 2013, but the addition of this feature in the desktop version is great!

The Skype for Business is also integrated into the Office package now and you can use it inside Microsoft Word while you are working together on a document as a co-author. This will also allow you to share your screen as well start a meeting using the same client.

The OneDrive for Business will be updated and it will start offering selective sync on Windows as well as Mac. This is a feature that many users of Office 365 have been requesting since ages. The stability of the OneDrive client has been made better as the older client was not that reliable.

Office 2016 also brings features like built-in data loss protection. This will be done with the use of tools provided to the IT admins. They can create, manage and enforce rules that are specifically for content authoring and documents sharing.

Microsoft Office 2016 is available in 47 languages across the globe and it works on Windows 7 or above. Existing users of Office 365 subscription can update to office 2016 without any additional cost. Office 2016 Home & students edition (Windows and Mac) is priced at INR 5,999 and INR 18,499 for Home & Business edition (Windows and Mac). Users can buy the Office 2016 standard edition and professional plus edition for INR 24,844 and INR 33,911 respectively.

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