Microsoft offers $1500 prize to Windows Insiders for feedback on the program

Microsoft has opened up a survey asking for feedback from the Windows Insiders – not on Windows, but on the Insider program itself. Those who participate in the survey – and submit their Microsoft account email address – will join the Sweepstakes with a prize of $1,500.

The Survey

The survey asks a variety of questions from the Insiders; dilemmas like whether they are satisfied with how the Insider program works, and why did they join the Insider program in the first place.

Then there are the other questions; what is it that the individual Insider wants to achieve by being an Insider?

The survey also asks from the Insiders what they would like to see the program offer and whether they are satisfied with the frequency of Insider updates.

Feedback Hub is also on the stand; the survey asks Insiders for feedback on the Feedback Hub itself; contrary to popular belief, this does not open a wormhole.

Microsoft’s Insider team’s communication is also part of the survey; whether the Insiders are satisfied with tweets to/from @donasarkar and @windowsinsider is an important question.

Bringing them back

Additionally, for those who used to be in the Insider program but have stopped downloading newer Preview builds; Microsoft wants to know what it can do to bring them back into the Insider program.

The survey asks the ex-Insiders about changes the program could make for them to consider joining again. Interestingly, the first option in this line of question is whether a more stable version of Insider builds would be satisfactory.

If you would like to participate in the survey (and the sweepstakes), here’s the link.

The Sweepstakes

Money can encourage many; Insiders who include their Microsoft account email in the survey automatically join sweepstakes for a gift certificate that’s redeemable on the Microsoft Store. The gift certificate is worth $1,500.

It’s not exactly hard cash – but for anyone invested in the Microsoft ecosystem, it’s a great opportunity.

There’s a catch, though: the sweepstakes are only open to Insiders who received an email from Microsoft informing them of it. Furthermore, government employees are not eligible, as that presents a conflict of interest.

The sweepstakes end on February 6th, so be sure to fill up the survey before that happens. Details about the sweepstakes are over here.

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