Microsoft might reveal a Surface All-in-One in October

While the rumors of a Surface Phone reveal at the IFA last week might have resulted in nothing but silence, the rumors haven’t stopped coming. This one though comes from ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley – who has a record of releasing rumors that end up being accurate.

Surface Hub

Microsoft will apparently be hosting a special hardware event in October – while this is a rumor, the timing fits well as the last Windows 10 devices event was also in October of 2015. At this event – according to ZDNet – Microsoft will be unveiling a Surface-branded device currently code-named ‘Cardinal’.

Cardinal is supposedly a product that “can turn your desk into a studio”, which probably means it is an all-in-one system. Windows Central reported about a similar product earlier in August and claimed that it could come in three different screen sizes: 21, 24 and 27 inches.

Microsoft though is not saying a word officially, despite all the rumors – not even if there is going to be an event in October at all, which apparently has its own code-name; ‘Project Rio’.

ZDNet also speculates that we might just end up getting minor refreshes to existing Surface products, and any of the major products might as well happen in the Spring of next year – including Surface Phone.

A hardware refresh near the end of a year does make sense – and the Xbox division might just end up revealing some details about Xbox Scorpion as well, considering Sony is launching the PS4 Pro in November of this year.

If this ‘Cardinal’ product with the Surface branding does end up being a real thing – it would be interesting to see what it will be like, considering the last time we saw a Surface device built for desks, it was a massive touchscreen that went on the wall and costed upwards of 20,000$.


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