Microsoft might discontinue ‘Lumia’ devices by end of this year

Microsoft appears to be in a playful mood – and the closer we get to the end of this year, the clearer its plans seem to become. According to new rumors coming out of sources from within Microsoft – the company is going to “end sales” of ‘Lumia’ devices by December of this year.

While discontinuing the Lumia brand does not come as a surprise – especially considering the disappointing sales of the Lumia devices – it does sit very comfortably with the other rumors we have been getting out of the company.

Nokia's Lumia devices

There might as well be an event

This is not the first time we are seeing rumors about major hardware changes by the end of this year from Microsoft – just yesterday we had one about a Surface All-in-One that might be revealed at an event in October. Last year, Microsoft also held an event in October to showcase several hardware products – so an October hardware refresh this year would make sense.

However, we also have several reports suggesting the October event – if it exists – might only present a few minor lineup changes, with the major products waiting for a Spring 2017 release.

Redstone 2

We know there is a second major Windows 10 update coming in the first half of 2017 – the Redstone 2 update is supposed to add improvements and features that were left out of Redstone 1 due to time constraints. Redstone 1 was obviously, the Anniversary Update that released in June of this year.

We know enough about Redstone 2 to know that it is going to put special focus on Windows 10 Mobile – so what this offers for the Windows devices ecosystem might be an interesting point to keep in mind.

The Surface Phone

With the demise of Nokia’s Lumia brand, Microsoft will inevitably have to replace it with something new. The Surface Phone has been in rumors for months now – and it does make sense for it to exist, especially now when we might be losing the Lumia devices.

None of this is clear, for what the Surface Phone might offer is nothing but speculation and rumors at this point.

Microsoft has been busy avoiding and declining-to-answer any confirmation about any rumors that have come out so far, but that is to be expected.

And to reiterate the point of this post, we leave you with Microsoft’s Director of Engineering (Windows Fundamentals), Laura Butler:

Double negatives are not NOT fun.


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