Microsoft may let users pause Windows 10 updates with Creators Update

It has been one of the strongest criticisms of Windows 10; the lack of control with Windows Updates brings no joy to anyone and often forces users to stick with Windows 7.

Microsoft, it seems, is going to address this issue finally. In the leaked Windows 10 Build 14997, Windows Update holds an option to pause all new system updates for up to 35 days at a time.

The keyword here is ‘system updates’ as this feature will not pause security updates; Defender definition updates and other security patches will continue to chug along. Though, these updates are often small and do not require a restart.

The Caveat

This feature is present in the leaked build, but there’s a tiny detail that might be missed: the leaked build is Enterprise edition.

Windows 10 have had a higher level of freedom with its top-tier editions; access to Group Police Editor, for example, is limited to the Enterprise edition.

A casual user, on the other hand, is usually using Windows 10 Home or Pro editions – most of the laptops come with Home edition pre-installed.

This, then, leaves the question: will the ability to pause system updates be available to Home and Pro users. There is no way to answer this, as the leaked build only leaves us with speculation.


The ability to pause system updates is essential – not everyone has unlimited data plans, after all.

Having a cap of 35 days should be ideal for users and Microsoft; users get to have more control over when they want to install these updates, while Microsoft can make sure users stay up-to-date with the latest version of Windows 10 – albeit, with a delay.

The feature is expected to land with Windows 10 Creators Update; though circumstances can change and features can be disabled.

Hopefully, when the Insider program comes back from its hiatus, we will have more details about this feature.

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