Microsoft lowers prices for Azure Virtual Machines and Blob Storage

Microsoft is pushing the cloud harder than it ever has; Azure is expanding – in fact, it was a big part of Microsoft’s earnings last quarter. Today, Microsoft is lowering the prices for its primary services in Azure: virtual machines, and blob storage.

The cold war of cloud computing between Amazon, Microsoft, and Google is fierce, though a sane one. Competition, after all, only benefits the consumers; today’s price reduction is an example of the free market in action.

The Prices

Venkat Gattamneni, Director of Product Marketing for Azure at Microsoft, today announced the price cuts in a blog post.

The Virtual Machines

Specifically, prices for the compute-optimized instances (F-Series) and general purpose instances (A1 Basic) have gone down by up to 24% and 61%, respectively.

Microsoft also plans to lower the price for the D-Series general purpose instances sometime in the near future.

Here’s the VM pricing for all the different regions, in case you would like to check the exact amount of your choice of currency.

The Blob Storage

The price reduction for Blob Storage applies to both Hot and Cool Blob Storage; while Hot Blob Storage sees a reduction of up to 31%, Cool Blob Storage goes as high as 38%.

The new prices are only available to the customers on an Azure Blob Storage account; customers on General Purpose Blob Storage must move data to Azure Blob Storage if they wish to pay these new prices.

Here’s the Blob Storage pricing for all the different regions.


The new reduces prices are already in effect; refer to the official Azure blog for more details.

Azure’s expansion into Europe and Microsoft’s recent victories regarding the American government’s jurisdiction on the data stored in foreign Microsoft servers are strong indicators of how important Azure is in Microsoft’s strategy.

The future depends on the cloud; the amount of data communicated and processed every day over the internet has been increasing exponentially and will continue to do so.

Cloud isn’t a luxury, but a necessity; for many use cases, it’s already cheaper to rent a virtual instance on the cloud than running a dedicated server. The market is only going to get bigger.

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