Microsoft Launches Actiongram HoloLens Featuring A Small George Takei

The HoloLens is a very recent product for Microsoft and it was launched in March 2016. It is not even a year old and yet still has made an incredible impact on the AR and VR industry. Available only as a development kit for now.  At the price of 3000$, it lets you bring the virtual world into reality with holograms.

Of course, they are not truly holograms – despite the name – as you do have to wear a headset actually to see them.

HoloLens Actiongram

Today Microsoft has moved the Actiongram app to Open Beta – anyone with a HoloLens can download and start using it. According to Microsoft, the Actiongram app “enables new ways of storytelling.”

It allows filmmakers to bring holograms and virtual elements into their videos – without going through the effort of building a tedious editing and post processing pipeline.

To celebrate this launch, Microsoft – very appropriately, considering it is the 50th anniversary of Star Trek – also borrowed George Takei for a goofy video and added him as a hologram into Actiongram. Now you can add his expressions as holograms in films while using Actiongram.

The Actiongram app can truly do some remarkable things – nothing that wasn’t possible before. But HoloLens and Actiongram simply make doing these things a lot simpler. It is after all the tech industry that introduces new technologies that help converts the imagination of an artist into a reality. Quite literally this time.

The public beta launch also introduces many other packs – Nyan Cat as in the video, Grumpy Cat, a few dinosaurs, a few unicorns, a few historical figures, and a few more things. Of course, you still need to buy a 3000$ HoloLens to actually use the app and become a “social storyteller” as Microsoft likes to call it.

With continued use, development, and innovation, we can hope that this technology will become much cheaper to own. Perhaps then we would be able to slap a flying Nyan Cat on our cat videos. The future sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

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