Microsoft kills the Lumia Offers app, as the Lumia dies

Lumia is dead – long live the Surface. Microsoft is retiring Nokia’s Lumia brand for good, and with it, everything that belongs to it.

Lumia Offers

The rumors began last month – and they were proven right just days later when Microsoft stopped producing Lumia devices. The Lumia products are dead – it is now time to kill the services, and the first on the stump is Lumia Offers.

According to the Italian blog Aggiornamenti Lumia, Microsoft has started informing users that the Lumia Offers app is being discontinued, and won’t available from the Windows Store any longer; there is, however, more to this than just that.

Microsoft is also telling users that some of the offers and deals they get on the Lumia Offers app would now be found in the Windows Store instead. This could, in fact, be a good thing; Microsoft is simplifying its offerings – after all, the Lumia Offers app is a remnant of Nokia’s past, when Windows Store was still in its infancy.

The news then is this: Microsoft is bringing Lumia Offers to the Windows Store, and retiring the app because it no longer serves a purpose.

For now, the Lumia Offers app is working as it always has; but it has been removed from the Windows Store search. It shouldn’t take long for Microsoft to abandon it and shut the service down properly, so the Windows Store can take its rightful place.

Microsoft is going through an exciting phase – we are going to see what more they have in mind for their hardware products, tomorrow at the Surface Event. Perhaps a Surface Phone is in the works, to replace the old of Lumia.

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