Microsoft is adding an eBook section to the Windows Store

Microsoft’s Windows Store currently has almost every kind of digital product available for purchase through it; like other stores, selling Games, Apps, Music, TV Shows, Movies and more but with the exception of eBooks, until now.

Reported by MSPowerUser, Microsoft is aiming to start selling eBooks through the Windows Store, a first for the platform. Finding the feature in an internal Windows 10 Mobile build, it’s apparently arriving for all devices running Windows 10.

Image Source: MSPowerUser

This is not the only foray Microsoft has made into the world of eBooks. Previously making the Microsoft Reader software for Windows back in 2000, capable of reading eBooks in the .LIT (literature) format. Microsoft later discontinued both the Reader and the .LIT format in 2012 after years of receiving no updates to them.

Using Edge to read eBooks

The eBooks bought from the Windows Store being in the EPUB format is good news for all eBook readers. The EPUB eBook file format is popular for supporting almost every e-reading device and app currently available from many companies. Considering this, exporting books bought on the Windows Store to other devices will most likely be quite easy to do.

However, as Windows 10 is currently missing a good solution for reading eBooks apart from some third-party apps in the store – in a previous Windows 10 Insider Build, Microsoft’s Edge browser received a fully fledged eBook reader for reading EPUB files with a range of features matching other eBook readers.

Similarly, also included is a new section for managing the library of books that users own from the Store. In Fact, it looks like the Edge browser will serve as the default app for reading eBooks on Windows 10.

The update to the Windows Store carrying the new Ebook store will roll out to all users with the Creators Update in April along with the new EPUB support for the Edge browser.

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