Microsoft introduces Carrier Billing for Xbox Store

Carrier Billing isn’t the most popular way to pay for things – after all, that’s what credit and debit cards are for; however, it can be extremely convenient at times to be able to pay for things and have the charges appear on your normal phone bills.


Microsoft already supports Carrier Billing for certain operators in certain countries around the globe, now this support is being extended to the Xbox Store.

If you are from a country listed below, you should have an option for adding your mobile number as a payment method – and you can do so, if you are on one of the mentioned mobile carriers.

Finland: DNA and Elisa
Sweden: Telenor
Norway: Telenor
Germany: O2
UK: O2
Italy: Wind
Switzerland: Swisscom
Hungary: Telenor
Poland: Orange
Russia: Beeline
United States: Sprint

Although that list covers millions of users, it’s still quite limited. Microsoft also mentions a few limitations with Sprint (US), Wind (Italy) and Orange (Poland) – you might need to contact them to enable Carrier Billing for your mobile.

Carrier Billing might be convenient – however operators sometimes charge an extra fee for the ‘convenience,’ so you might want to check with your carrier before making an expensive purchase.

Microsoft has made adding your mobile number as a payment method extremely simple – just choose “Add a new payment method” while making a purchase and select “Mobile phone” from the payment options. This is possible on any device – Xbox, Windows 10 or even Android or iOS.

Since the Xbox Store payment method is synced across Microsoft with your Microsoft account, you can also use the payment method for other content, perhaps in the Windows Store.

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