Microsoft HoloLens to be used by 24,000 thyssenkrupp elevator technicians

When Microsoft first introduced HoloLens to the world, most of the key usage scenarios they demoed were enterprise solutions. Sure HoloLens can play Minecraft and Project Netflix practically anywhere, but those scenarios are not what Microsoft is targeting.

What Microsoft is pushing for is the enterprise market – where HoloLens can be very useful, provided that the companies and their employees have an open mind about technology. For this, Microsoft has partnered with thyssenkrupp – who seems to be keen on using technology to improve the efficiency and reliability of their elevator services.

Microsoft Holo Lens

Scott Erickson, General Manager for Microsoft HoloLens says in a blog post that HoloLens will allow the technicians to “do their jobs safer and more efficiently by triaging service requests ahead of the visit and getting hands-free remote guidance when on site.”

The hands-free remote guidance bit is interesting – this uses the existing Skype solutions for HoloLens, allowing technicians to make remote calls for assistance while being completely hands-free. In the trials run by thyssenkrupp so far, HoloLens has helped reduce the average length of a service call by up to four times.

Microsoft also helped thyssenkrupp develop its MAX service for elevators last year – which is basically an IoT service for elevators that can monitor everything about an elevator via an array of sensors, then upload this data to Azure where it can be analyzed. This data can then also be projected for the technicians wearing HoloLens, with detailed analysis and visualizations.

Several structures around the globe are using the MAX service to monitor their elevators – including the One World Trade Center in New York. The HoloLens will also be used at the One World Trade Center.

This is a great use of the potential HoloLens holds – as Erickson continues to add, “thyssenkrupp is the latest example of how a business can be transformed through mixed reality, and we continue to be amazed at the continual innovation and creativity that we’ve seen from our partners.”

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