Microsoft to give developers Windows Holographic kits at GDC 2017

A couple of weeks ago, the CES gave us a glimpse of what Microsoft had in the works for the future of Windows Holographic; its hardware partners revealed a few of the $300 VR and AR headsets.

However, none of the prototypes shown at CES were functional – it was all smoke and mirrors. They looked fancy, but they weren’t very useful. That will be changing come February 27th, when the Game Developer Conference begins in San Francisco.

Not for the Enterprise

The revelation was made by Vlad Kolesnikov – Senior Program Manager at Microsoft’s Windows & Devices Group – in a Channel 9 video.

Microsoft will be distributing developer kits for its Windows Holographic platform at GDC 2017. This simple fact means that the headsets we saw a few weeks ago are, in fact, somewhat functional.

The GDC – as its name suggests – is not an event targeted at the enterprise. It’s in San Francisco, where the gaming and entertainment industry gathers to gawk at everything Silicon Valley has been churning over the past year. The collective minds of the industry adopt what they like, while the rest of it goes ignored.

This is in stark contrast to Microsoft’s HoloLens – the mixed reality headset used by the enterprise; the applications range from military to museums to elevator technicians.

There’s a Star Trek reference here somewhere.

But for the Endeavour

The venue of GDC makes this obvious – but it’s something we knew already. These headsets are designed for the masses and are meant to make VR and AR affordable to all.

Microsoft – or its partners – don’t want us to know when exactly this would happen. There’s the Q1 2017 timeline – but that’s all we have got.

The GDC starts on 27th February and ends on 3rd of March. The Creators Update for Windows 10 with the Holographic Shell arrives sometime in April.

These headsets should, therefore, be in the hands of regular consumers by June of 2017. That’s a guess, though – and an entirely wild one at that.

Hopefully, this endeavor of Microsoft will not be limited to the markets of Europe and North America.

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