Microsoft Flow now supports six new services including Google Contacts

Microsoft Flow showed up out of nowhere in the early days of 2016; Microsoft’s attempt at making something resembling the IFTTT service has been somewhat successful, though there is nowhere near the same level of 3rd party support available.

Flow – for now, at least – is mostly about connecting different Microsoft services. That seems to be changing, however; today Flow has added support for six new services.

The additions

The six new services include Buffer – a social media management platform commonly used by companies and PR management teams, and Google Contacts; the latter is an interesting addition because it’s not a competing product – it’s clear, Microsoft wants Flow to be more than just a service to connect Microsoft products.

Flow now also supports Harvest, which could be useful for the same folks who would use Buffer – it’s a tool to help track the time spent by a team on each project and tasks within.

The above three services are of course for productivity, the ones below, are quite random.

Supported now is MSN Weather; where you will find the latest weather forecast, and other weather-related information like temperature, humidity, precipitation, etc.

There’s also Medium, which will allow you to track new publications around the service, and Typeform which will let you make a few triggers with the forms, quizzes, surveys, and landing pages the service lets you create.

There’s more

The addition of Buffer, Google Contacts, Harvest, MSN Weather, Medium, and Typeform can be quite useful for a lot of people – but there’s one new feature added to the service as well.

It is now possible to manually run a flow – if you have a flow set-up to run every hour, for example, you can now run it on-demand to test it.

Microsoft’s Flow is conveniently available at; hopefully, with time, it can give some stiff competition to IFTTT – although, it will probably take a few years, as IFTTT supports hundreds of 3rd party services.

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