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Microsoft Flow now supports DocuSign, Survey Monkey, and OneNote for Business

The Microsoft Flow team recently added support for Google Contacts and other team-oriented services; today, there’s even more.

Microsoft’s IFTTT-like service now supports DocuSign, Survey Monkey, and One Note for Business.

The three services have been – per Microsoft – highly requested; they are, however, limited to the premium tier – except for OneNote for Business.

The new services

First on the list is DocuSign; the Microsoft Flow integration will allow for the possibility of adding or removing signers whenever a documented is updated.

There’s also an option to create a new document for the signature.

Second, is Survey Monkey; the service that lets anyone create an online survey for any topic. The integration added today presents a bunch of new triggers for Microsoft Flow.

For example, you can now trigger a flow when there is a new response to an existing survey. There’s also a trigger for whenever someone in your organization creates a new survey.

These triggers can prove to be quite useful in keeping track of all the data your organization is collecting.

The third new service – OneNote for Business – is not a premium service, and can be used by the free tier.

This integration finally adds support for OneNote notebooks that are hosted on Office 365 or OneDrive for Business. Microsoft has made over a dozen templates that highlight what the integration is capable of.

You can use it to track new sections or create new notes; you can even turn a OneNote page into a task on Todoist if you so desire.


Since this is a web service; the new integrations are available for use right now.

As mentioned, the DocuSign and Survey Monkey services are premium, and therefore require a subscription – that’s $5/mo.

Whilst IFTTT is focusing its efforts on consumer services and is turning into a hub for smart home integrations; Microsoft Flow seems to be focusing on business applications specifically.

Microsoft can give quite a fierce competition to IFTTT, though, it doesn’t look like it wants to.

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