Microsoft Flow gets new features and four new premium services

Microsoft has been busy adding services to its IFTTT-like Flow service since its launch; today, it’s time to add some new features – and more services too.

Microsoft today announced three new features, updates for the Office 365 and Outlook services, and the addition of Stripe, Informix, DB2, and UserVoice as premium services.

The Features

Search the services: This is a feature that IFTTT have had for quite a long time; Flow will now let you search through all of the supported services, so you can quickly get to the service you want to work with.

Switch Case: Flow is now venturing into building a few advanced features; Switch Case will allow users to build ‘nested conditionals’ – it’s pretty much like an if-else statement.

Anyone with a bit of experience with code knows how powerful a ‘switch case’ can become; it can be found within the ‘More…’ panel that appears after adding a new step.

The Switch Case in Flow will have a value from the trigger or a previous step; the value can then be switched on, and branches of conditional logic can be configured per case. There’s also, of course, a default case for the times when the value does not match a specific case.

Improved Office 365 and Outlook services: Flow can now manage emails on Office 365 and Outlook with many more options. Here’s what’s new:

  • The two services now have a trigger for when an email is flagged. As an example, you could create a task on Wunderlist whenever you flag an email in Outlook.
  • The two services now also support flagging an email as an option. As an example, you could create a filter and flag emails from a certain someone.
  • It’s now also possible to move emails to another folder.

Connect to Local or Network file systems: Flow is now capable of connecting to your local file system, or a network file system. The former, however, is quite complicated.

To link a local file system, the user would need to download, install, and setup the On-premises date gateway, available here. Once setup, the PC hosting the file system will need to stay on and connected to the Internet for any triggers or actions to work.

On the other hand, the network file system is much simpler to setup.

The Services

In addition to these advanced new features, the Flow team has also added four new premium services to Flow’s ever-growing list of services. These four new services now bring the number of total services available on Flow to the satisfying number of 90.

Stripe: The Stripe service will enable users to create Flows that can track customers, orders, invoices, and much more. These triggers can then, of course, be associated with an action from any other service.

Informix and DB2: Flow now supports the IBM Informix and IBM DB2 databases; users can create Flows that connect to these databases and trigger some operations; for now, Flow supports the SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE operations.

UserVoice: UserVoice is one of the most-used customer support tool across various industries – even Microsoft uses it to collect feedback for Xbox. Today’s update adds various triggers and actions for UserVoice to Flow.


The new features and services are now available to all. Though, the four new services – Stripe, Informix, DB2, and UserVoice – are only available to premium users.

Advanced features like Switch Case make Flow an extremely powerful tool, especially when compared to IFTTT.

Hopefully, the innovation will continue to flourish; the services Flow offers, however, remain focused on the enterprise market.

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