Microsoft Flow can now accept user input with buttons, adds Outlook Tasks and HelloSigns services

The Microsoft Flow team seems to be sailing at full mast; just a week after adding some incredible features to Flow, it’s now time for even more.

Today’s update brings a new feature to Flow buttons: they can now accept user inputs during runtime – more on that in a moment. The update also adds two new services: HelloSigns and Outlook Tasks.

The Feature

Flow buttons are very similar to the IFTTT equivalent; it’s simply a button that can trigger a flow with a tap. These buttons are available via the iOS and Android apps.

It was already possible for a button to link a user’s current location, their details, or the current time; today’s update to the buttons adds even more possibilities.

Now, it is possible to define a set of information required from a user when the button is pressed; indeed, this makes it possible source data from a user and feed it into the flow.

Microsoft gives a lot of use cases for this feature, you can see them here – one of them even works with one of the new services added with in this very update.

The Services

The Flow team has always added at least one service with each feature update; this time is no exception.

HelloSigns: HelloSigns is quite simple; the service provides secure electronic signatures that are business-calibre, but most importantly – legally binding. It’s now possible to sign files with HelloSign within a flow.

Outlook Tasks: The Outlook Tasks service lets users create, read, synchronize, update, and delete tasks stored in an Azure Active Directory in Office 365 or in a Microsoft Account. Thanks to the update for custom user input in buttons; it’s now possible for users to create a task on Outlook by tapping a Flow button and feeding data into the flow.

Microsoft really is going at full throttle with Flow. If Microsoft were to add some consumer-facing services, it could provide IFTTT with the fierce competition they truly need.

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