Microsoft does the Mannequin Challenge with HoloLens and Actiongram

There is a new meme amidst us – we have witnessed the Harlem Shakes and the several dozens of celebrities dropping a bucket of ice cold water on themselves; 2016, is now bringing us the Mannequin Challenge.

The #ManequinChallenge apparently began with a bunch of school kids posing like mannequins – completely still, for a video. As it is with every good meme, it quickly gained traction – leading companies and corporations to take note and participate. The Clinton campaign did its part as well.

Microsoft is one of the first big brands to jump into this celebration of the ability to stay still – except, Microsoft has the tools to be a bit more creative.

The video above starts out pretty normal, and ends with a fiery dragon – on the way, we can see butterflies, knights, glowing orbs, oh and pancakes; There’s even a virtual George Takei!

All of this is made possible using HoloLens and Actiongram, and the result is impressive, to say the least.

Microsoft released the Actiongram app with an open beta – along with a tiny George Takei – in September this year; the app lets you add virtual objects into your videos – essentially mixing the virtual reality with … the reality.

Actiongram introduces an intriguing prospect for video makers; Microsoft showing off the possibilities it can achieve while riding a wave of a meme is only going to get some good results.

As the arrow of time goes forward, the meme will be forgotten as they have always been; the internet culture, however, will keep moving forward and generate more interesting phenomenon.

Hopefully, the folks at Google, et al. are taking note – have the meme, before it gets stale!

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