Microsoft comes 4th in Interbrand’s Best Global Brands 2016 list

While Apple, Google, Coca-Cola take the top three spots in this year’s Best Global Brands according to Interbrand, Microsoft isn’t far behind at number four.

Interbrand's Best Global Brands

With an 8% growth in brand value this year – making it worth $72.79 billion – Microsoft comes fourth on the list. Apple tops the chart with a brand value of $178 billion and growth of 5%.

The list also mentions world’s Top Growing Brands – the brands with highest growth rates.

While Facebook is 15th in the Best Global Brands list, it comes 1st in the Top Growing Brands list with 48% growth, giving it a value of $32 billion.

Following Facebook, Amazon is 2nd with 33% growth and LEGO is 3rd with 25% growth. Minecraft sure has a long way to go to close in with the LEGO brand.

The Tech Dominance

The tech companies are dominating this list – if it weren’t for Coca-Cola, Apple, Google and Microsoft would make up the top three. IBM is 6th – not a surprise, considering their extensive reach in the industry; but they lost 15% of their brand value this year – which is also not a surprise.

After IBM, Samsung is the 7th and Amazon are the 8th. There are only two car companies in the top 10 – Toyota is 5th, and Mercedes-Benz is 9th.

Here’s the top 10 list (with their growth rate):

  1. Apple: $178 billion (+5%)
  2. Google: $133 billion (+11%)
  3. Coca-Cola: $73 billion (-7%)
  4. Microsoft: $72 billion (+8%)
  5. Toyota: $53 billion (+9%)
  6. IBM: $52 billion (-19%)
  7. Samsung: $51 billion (+14%)
  8. Amazon: $50 billion (+33%)
  9. Mercedes-Benz: $43 billion (+18%)
  10. General Electric: $42 billion (+2%)

You can view the full list here, read more about how the companies are ranked, and look at the top growing brands here.

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