Microsoft celebrates the holiday season with ‘The Art of Harmony’

It has been a year with its ups and downs – mostly downs – but that shouldn’t make the holiday season any less celebratory, that would, in fact, be counter-productive.

Microsoft started its new ‘The Art Of Harmony’ campaign this Monday with a video that puts the spotlight on seven individuals who have overcome all challenges and stood up for what they truly believe in. Some of them have been in the news throughout the year, so you might recognize them while watching the spot.

The video features “Beauty in the World” by Macy Gray for the music and highlights snippets and statements of the seven people working together, to build the magnificent art piece that is revealed at the end.

These are the seven people who appear in the ad:

  • Joel Artista, an artist, educator and social change advocate who uses community-based public art to express messages of goodwill
  • Child activist Zianna Oliphant
  • Florida police officer Bobby White, better known as the “basketball cop.
  • West African refugee and artist Hawa Diallo
  • Jazz Jennings, the youngest person to publicly identify herself as transgender
  • Zea Bowling, a first-grader who stood up to hate when the Supreme Court ruled for same-sex marriage
  • Christopher Catrambone, founder of the Migrant Offshore Aid Station
  • Mona Haydar, an activist, best known for her “Ask a Muslim” stand, which offers passersby free coffee and donuts

At the moment, the video is #43 on the YouTube Worldwide and #46 on YouTube US trending charts. You can also check out the 60-second version of the campaign.

Microsoft plans to run the campaign on television and across all of Microsoft’s social channels – from YouTube to Instagram; a Facebook Badge will also let people put the art from the campaign into their profile picture.

It sure has been an eventful year, with quite a bit a few controversies that would be carried on to 2017; hopefully, 2017 would bring better luck with it.


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