Microsoft to bundle game drivers with games downloaded via Windows Store

Microsoft’s WinHEC event still has a few surprises left for us in the store – especially for the gamers on Windows 10.

Microsoft has been working on turning Windows 10 into something a bit more friendly towards gamers – there has been quite a lot of resistance against bringing the Xbox brand to PC, but Microsoft has been taking the constructive criticism and working to fix it nonetheless.

The upcoming Creators Update, for example, will let gamers stream their games straight to Beam – Microsoft’s game-streaming service. Of course, integration with Twitch or YouTube would be nice – and we mentioned this when Microsoft originally announced its integration – but that’s just some more constructive criticism for Microsoft to work with.

The Drivers

An operating system requires drivers – it’s what connects the software to the hardware; graphics drivers on a PC are probably the most-often updated drivers – they are essential to a game’s performance, and both NVidia and AMD release their optimized drivers with every new AAA title.

Starting with the Creators Update, Microsoft will start bundling the minimum-required game drivers for games downloaded via the Windows Store.

It’s not exactly a bundle: the game will be downloaded via the Windows Store; during the installation, Windows will check the minimum-required game driver version by the game and compare it with the one installed on the PC. If it finds that the requirement isn’t met, it will download and install the proper version via Windows Update.

The Issues

This feature sounds extremely useful in theory – unless you start to think about it; the average PC gamer is used to having control and would rather keep the driver version at whatever they are comfortable with.

For others, who cannot be bothered with updating drivers and all the other nuances of gaming on PC – it sounds incredibly useful until you realize that both NVidia and AMD offer automatic updates via their driver utilities.

There are two main reasons for a graphics driver not to be updated: the advanced user has disabled automatic updates for reasons only they shall know, or the ‘regular’ user has simply not bothered updating their drivers… except the driver utility will do it for them.

Microsoft’s solution will make the advanced users unhappy as they lose their control, while the regular users wouldn’t even notice the effect – they were already automatically updated via the driver utility.

The only users this helps are the strange ones – the ones who disable their automatic updates for no reason at all.

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