Microsoft bumps Surface Book price in the UK

Brexit strikes once again: in October last year, Microsoft bumped the prices for many of its enterprise services in the UK. The move came after Brexit’s volatility caused GBP to lose its value at a steep rate.

Today, the average UK consumer is feeling the heat of Brexit as Microsoft can no longer sustain to sell its Surface Book at the original price.

The Hike

All models of Microsoft’s latest-and-great laptop have received a price hike of at least £150. The Core i5 base model with 128 GB of storage and an integrated GPU – the cheapest Surface Book you could buy – is now £1,449 vs. the old £1,299 price tag.

“In response to a recent review we are adjusting the British pound prices of some of our hardware and consumer software in order to align to market dynamics,” a Microsoft spokesperson said while confirming the price hike.

The spokesperson also noted that the new prices are only for individuals or organizations without a volume licensing contract.

The UK

Microsoft has been surprisingly careful with the prices in the UK. Xbox Live has gotten more expensive in Canada and India due to currency fluctuations, but not in the UK. The same goes for Office 365 in India.

One would expect the same to happen in the UK – especially with the Brexit hullaballoo – but it hasn’t yet. The Surface Book is a start of it, but it’s certainly not going to stop there now.

The timing is interesting as well; a new Surface Book is right around the corner if rumors are to be believed. It’s not often that companies raise the prices of a product this late into its life, especially if it’s close to being phased out.

Whilst other big-league players like Apple, HTC, OnePlus haven’t been shy to increase their prices in the UK; Microsoft has shown some restraint in its overall pricing strategy. That’s something worth appreciating.

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