Microsoft is building an Office Hub for iOS, codenamed Havana

Microsoft is building a new application for Office users on iOS – the Office Hub. Codenamed Havana, the hub is built for Office 365 users who would like to track all of the activity happening within their Office 365 network at a single centralized hub.

Office Hub for iOS

It’s not the first time we hear of this ‘hub’ – back in August, we saw a few leaks of an “Office Hub for Windows 10” with similar functionality; it’s not surprising, then, if Microsoft would bring this hub to all of the platforms simultaneously – therefore the iOS app.

The news comes via Windows Central who has managed to get their hands on a few screenshots of the iOS app; from the screenshots, we can see that the hub has three “streams” – sections – named Now, Documents and People.

The Now

‘Now’ stream is where you will see everything that’s happening in your Office 365 network – events, priority inbox, all the stuff you need to take care of Now.

The Documents

This is what Office is for right? The Documents stream shows all of the documents you opened recently, including e-mail attachments and other popular documents in your Office 365 network.

The People

The network of individuals is why this Hub is a thing at all; the people stream, shows all of your colleagues around you – in the physical world – so you can perhaps have a chat with them about a project you are working on. The app apparently will also be able to notify you when someone comes around you – a handy feature, albeit a bit big-brotherly.

When we might see it

It is hard to say – Office Hub for Windows 10 is supposed to be integrated deeply into Windows and Cortana, and will probably come with the Redstone 2 update. The iOS app, however, is just an app – we might see it sooner than the Windows 10 implementation.

Hopefully, we will get to see a detailed preview of the Office Hub at the upcoming Office event in November.

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