Microsoft is building a to-do list app: Project Cheshire is now in private beta

Turning back the clock; back in June of 2015, Microsoft acquired a Berlin-based company – Wunderlist – with just about 13 million active users at the time. It was a great decision – it’s yet another application in Microsoft’s productivity suite, and it’s mature enough to be – perhaps – one day become part of the Office suite.

Microsoft, however, has different ideas – and quite odd ones at that; Project Cheshire, is a brand-new to-do list app built from the ground up.

The Mystery

Wunderlist is a brilliant service – it’s available across all the popular platforms and has sophisticated features that help it stand out from the competition; the capabilities of Wunderlist is the reason Microsoft even decided to purchase it.

So, then, why oh why is Microsoft reinventing the wheel – when it already owns one of the best ones ever made? This question cannot be answered at the moment, but it will remain in our heads until it is answered.

The Future

For now – it seems – Project Cheshire is the future, and the future is barebones. Project Cheshire first appeared in leaked images just before Microsoft’s October Surface event.

It seems Microsoft have made quite a bit of progress with the project since then – the app is now much more mature than it appeared in the originally leaked screenshots.

In fact, the progress has made the app useful enough to be brought to a private beta – which is what just happened.

There’s a version for all major operating systems: a Windows UWP app, an Android app, and an iOS app. The app also shares a few features with the Wunderlist app – though, not all of them; along with a simpler interface – since it’s barebones, compared to Wunderlist.

The Wheel

Once again; it is a mystery why Microsoft decided to reinvent the wheel – perhaps the folks at Microsoft just want a UWP app made from the ground up, rather than the Win32 app Wunderlist has.

We can only guess the logic behind such a move, but that’s how it is. A gallery, below, contains some screenshots of the new Project Cheshire app; there’s no way to get into the private beta, for the public, at the moment.

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