Microsoft BUILD 2017 registrations now open for those with an RSVP code

Microsoft announced the date and venue for BUILD 2017 in December last year; today, Microsoft has opened up the registrations for its annual developer conference where Steve Ballmer famously cheered for developers.

There’s a tiny caveat to the registration, however; it’s only available to those with an RSVP code.

The Registration

The ritual of registering for BUILD 2017 is an annual one; every year, developers, journalists, and Microsoft enthusiasts spend – quite a lot of – money to witness Microsoft reveal the future in person.

BUILD is not a one-day event; though the spectacular keynote shows Microsoft’s ambitious upcoming features – these features are detailed in developer talks following the keynote.

Therefore, BUILD is not a free event; the registration – as it does every year – costs US$2,195.

If you want to visit BUILD 2017 and have an RSVP code, click here to register. If want to visit BUILD and don’t have an RSVP code, wait for Microsoft to detail further instructions.


Everything about BUILD 2017 is routine, except the timing. This year, Microsoft has delayed BUILD to the month of May. It may seem odd at first, but it fits with Microsoft’s timeline for Windows.

The Creators Update is expected to start its rollout in April – that’s usually when BUILD is hosted. If BUILD is moved to May, we are more likely to see the up and coming features of Windows 10 – which, there are a lot.

On the technical side, there’s the ability to run x86 apps on an ARM chip; on the design side, there’s Project NEON, of which we had a recent glimpse.

It’s likely that we will get to see all of this – and more – at BUILD. The developer talks following the keynote will likely detail these features and updates in detail.

Of course, for the majority who cannot physically fly to Seattle and shell out over two grand on a developer event; Microsoft will be streaming the event live, and we will be covering it. May is going to be exciting.

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