Microsoft brings inking to the Photos app in the latest Windows 10 Insider Fast Ring for PC

This week’s Insider Fast Ring update brings a whole lot of great features for touch and touchpad – primarily, many improvements for Windows Ink.

Windows 10 Build 14951 Photos App

Build 14951 improves Windows Ink with a lot of new features including the brand new stencils – but that’s not where it ends. The Photos app has also been updated; the new version is 16.1017.10000.0, and while it’s out for both PC and Mobile, for now only the PC is getting these new features.

What’s new

What’s new is how the app greets you when you launch it after the upgrade process – it highlights some of the new features such as the new Dark mode, the ability to draw on anything – and then share that, plus some new filters as the cherry on top.

Draw on Anything

You can now draw on any image you like via the Windows Ink integration – the interface should be familiar to anyone who has drawn anything on a Surface device.

Once you are done expressing your creativity, you get to share this photo as your masterpiece – or you can share a video of it being created. The video will start from the beginning, and draw everything as you actually drew it.

That’s quite amazing for anyone who likes to draw more than just wiggly lines.

New Filters

The new filters are only available on the PC version at the moment – why these are not available in the Mobile app remains at mystery, but hopefully Microsoft just has to turn on a switch for that.

If you look under the editing tab, you will find a whole bunch of new filters to choose from. These include Neo, Sauna, Zeke, Icarus and more. You can also adjust the filter intensity as you like with the slider.


The new version is available right now to Windows 10 Fast Ring Insiders; you can find out what else is new in that build over here.

If you are on the production version, you will probably see this update in a few months. Make that a few weeks for those on Windows 10 Release Preview and Slow Ring tiers.

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