Microsoft Bookings comes to Android, available to beta testers

Office 365 is an incredible suite of applications – it has grown into something much bigger than just the Office apps; Microsoft Bookings, is one of the latest additions.

Microsoft Bookings was announced back in July this year; the service focuses on small business owners who provide services to customers on an appointment basis.

Microsoft plans to bring the new service to other Office 365 tiers as well – it could be incredibly useful for educators, for example.

The handy video above shows what the service is all about – but we are going to give you a summary nonetheless.

There are two components to Microsoft Bookings: one facing the customers – letting them book an appointment – and the other for the business owners, allowing them to efficiently manage their appointment and schedule for the staff from a single place.

The former doesn’t require an app – Microsoft Bookings is available to the customers via the business’s website, and lets them conveniently make appointments as they please – even letting them select the particular staff member they want.

The Android app is for latter – the app lets business owners manage their calendar, create or edit existing appointments, track staff availability in real-time, and much more. Microsoft released an iOS app with the same features months ago; though, an app for Windows 10 Mobile seems to be missing.


The Android app is currently – only – available to beta testers; you can sign up to become a beta tester over here. If you are already a beta tester – simply download the app via the Google Play Store.

If you are on the other side of the fence, the app is available on iOS via the Apple AppStore.

You will, of course, also need an Office 365 Business Premium account.

Microsoft Bookings is also accessible on the web – as is the case with everything else that Office 365 provides. You can read more about Microsoft Bookings at Microsoft’s official blog.

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