Microsoft Bookings comes out of preview, available with Office 365

Microsoft announced a whole bunch of new apps and services for India today. Here’s something for the rest of the world: Microsoft Bookings.

Microsoft announced the Bookings app last year in July. The app, part of the Office 365 suite, focuses on small business owners who provide services to customers on an appointment basis.


As we have covered – in detail – previously, Microsoft Bookings contains two components. There’s a side facing the customers, while the other side faces the business. Microsoft Bookings, then, is a mediator between the two.

The customer-facing side doesn’t require an app and can integrate into the business’s website. That’s critical, of course, as that enables the customers to book for an appointment easily.

The business-facing side features an app for Android and iOS. Oddly enough, there is no app for Microsoft’s Windows 10 Mobile.

The app lets business owners manage their calendar, create or edit existing appointments, track staff availability in real-time, and much more.


This is what changes today; Microsoft Bookings is now out of preview and is available to all Office 365 Business Premium subscribers.

The Android app is available via the Google Play Store and has hit version 1.0 with today’s update. The iOS app is available via the Apple AppStore and sits at version 1.0.2 as well.

You will – as mentioned – still need an Office 365 Business Premium subscription. The service is not free, but it is now out of preview and available to all.

Microsoft Bookings is yet another compelling service adding value to the Office 365 subscription. Microsoft is making sure that once a business is invested into its ecosystem, it should never an excuse to leave it.

If you wish to read more about Microsoft Bookings, do check out our coverage from December last year, or have a look at Microsoft’s official blog.

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