Microsoft announces Windows 10 Creators Update, arriving early 2017

At Microsoft’s Surface Event in New York, Terry Myerson – Executive Vice President of Windows and Devices Group at Microsoft – announced the name of the next big update to Windows 10, and when it’s going to come out. The update is focusing on creators – therefore the name ‘Creators Update.’ There’s a new Paint UWP app that supports 3D and major updates to Windows Ink – we have been seeing these updates pouring in with the Insiders Fast Ring updates over the past few weeks.

Windows 10 isn’t just powering PCs anymore – it’s on HoloLens, Xbox, Mobile, and much more; Microsoft announced a few new features for every platform, some even work across platforms.

The Xbox One is getting Dolby Atmos support, along with the ability broadcast games live via Beam – Microsoft’s answer to Twitch. There’s a whole lot of focus on creation – but the creation isn’t limited to the standard productivity tools we are all used to. The Minecraft generation, as Satya said on stage at the event, is a generation that builds worlds using Minecraft as a tool, rather than a game.

The perspective is an interesting one. At the least, the Creators Update is making Windows 10 a much more productive environment; at best, it’s one step further into turning Microsoft’s vision of a connected future into a reality.

Microsoft also made a few major hardware announcements, also focused at making a creator’s life easier; the new Surface Book i7 starting at $2399, and a brand new All-in-One Surface Studio starting at $2,999.

The update will be rolling out to Windows 10 users for free sometime early next year. The Anniversary update took just a bit more than three months – in waves – to roll out for all the Windows 10 users; the Creators update will probably be released in a similar fashion.

Other platforms such as the Xbox, Windows 10 Mobile, and HoloLens will probably get the update around the same time as well.

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