Microsoft Announces Surface Book, company’s first ever laptop

When it comes to PC, we can only remember one name and that is Microsoft. The Microsoft Windows OS powers millions and millions of PCs around the world in different places and organizations. The PC powered by Windows are used by students, working professional and all types of people.

But it wasn’t until October 6th, 2015 that anyone had expected Microsoft to launch their own Windows 10 laptop. We have been seeing Microsoft Surface Pro, a line-up of a hybrid device to bridge the gap between tablet and laptop as a successful product from the company. But, we cannot call it a proper laptop as some laptops today are much more powerful than Surface Pro.

Microsoft took the leap of faith and announced the Microsoft Surface Book which is their own 13-inch laptop with some amazing specifications and stuff to offer.

The laptop comes with a display with a resolution of 3000×2000 pixels which converts to a pixel density of 267 ppi. The keyboard is totally backlit and the touchpad allows up to five simultaneous touch points.

You will also notice a totally different kind of hinge on the Surface Book that is being appreciated by critics all over. This special hinge design not only keeps the screen firmly in place but also makes it easy to detach the display and use it as a tablet. 

The laptop is powered by an Intel 6th Generation Skylake processor and also sports an NVIDIA GeForce GPU in upper models. You will also find models sporting the Intel HD graphics processor. At the demo, Microsoft demonstrated League of Legends – a game which was working flawlessly. Microsoft also demoed the performance for power users who want to use a laptop for editing video. The laptop was able to edit videos on Adobe Premier Pro without any glitches.

Surface Book Display

As I mentioned above, the display is a 3000×2000 pixels resolution display and Microsoft is calling it the PixelSense display as a branding. It is a touch enabled display and detachable from the keyboard. You can use it as a separate tablet.

Surface Pen

The Surface Pen works with the Surface book as well and has the very same functionality as we have seen on the Surface Pro 4. The same 1024 level of pressure points will make the use of Surface Pen much better and interactive.


The keyboard you get on the Surface Book is a detachable keyboard and has the hinge we talked about. The keys are backlit and the touchpad is quite huge and has a glass trackpad which supports 5 touch points. The keys themselves are quite responsive and usable as there is a 19mm gap between them to provide the best typing experience. According to the company, the trackpad has been optimized by the Windows 10 Engineering team to give users an amazing experience.

Specifications & Price

You can have storage up to 1 TB on the Surface Book and the storage will be an SSD so you can expect lightning fast experience. The laptop will be powered by an Intel 6th Gen Skylake CPU and you can choose between an i5 or i7 CPU. You can choose between models that have an Intel graphics processor or you can go for the one that comes with an NVIDIA chip.

The Surface Book starts out at a price tag of $1499 for a 128 GB model. It is currently available for pre-order and the company will start shipping the devices from 26th October

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