Microsoft announces Project Sangam: a skill development, and jobs platform for India

At the Future Decoded event in Mumbai today, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella talked about a whole lot of things. He announced Skype Lite, a light-weight version of Skype. He also announced Project Sangam, an India-specific skill development and jobs platform that still relies on LinkedIn.


Sangam (pronounced: sung·um) is the Hindi word for confluence. Project Sangam is a platform by Microsoft that aims to strengthen the skill development eco-system in India.

“India’s challenge is to take any college graduate and realise their potential on what they are capable of instead of which college they studied from,” Satya Nadella said during his highlight keynote at the Future Decoded event.

That’s what Project Sangam is intended for; the app – available on both web and mobile – will help the Indian government not only train people with new skills but also assist them in getting a job via LinkedIn.

Microsoft would utilize India’s one-of-its-kind ‘Aadhaar’ biometric identification system and allow people to enroll into Project Sangam via their Aadhaar identification. The user can then link a LinkedIn profile with their Project Sangam identity and manage their profile.

As soon as their skill development training completes, Microsoft will update their profile and list them for employers to shortlist and hire. If there are multiple job offers, the user will be able to pick the one most appropriate for their skills.

Skype Lite is also using India’s biometric Aadhaar deification system and the rest of India Stack in some unique ways. You can read more about that here.


At the moment, Project Sangam remains in a private preview. Microsoft plans to start the service in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh first. The state government has shown interest in the platform, as well as other Microsoft services.

However, Microsoft has not shared any timeline for a public launch.

Microsoft’s strength with its numbers gives it an advantage over its competitors. The integration with India’s Aadhaar identification system is only one example of how Microsoft can easily localize its solutions for a market.

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