Microsoft announces New York October Event on October 26th

The rumoured October event is real after all! ‘Project Rio‘ as it was code-named is going to be in New York, on October 26th at 10 AM EDT.

Microsoft October 26th 2016 Event

Microsoft has sent out invites for the October event – and it is going to focus on the Surface products, as expected. Along with the Surface announcements, we are also expecting a few Xbox-related announcements and some new Windows 10 announcements.

The Surface with Windows 10 and Xbox

Surface is going to take the main stage at this event – the rumoured All-in-One Surface, along with Surface-branded keyboard and mouse, and perhaps a refresh for the current-gen Surface products.

The Xbox announcements could maybe include a release date for the upcoming Project Scorpio – Sony has already announced a November 10th release date for the PS4 Pro, so it would be apt for Microsoft to announce one now.

For Windows 10, we might get a release date for the Redstone 2 update – we know it is coming sometime in early 2017, but Microsoft hasn’t made it clear how far from release it actually is. Perhaps it will also come with the new Paint app.

We might also get to see various Windows 10 products from Microsoft’s OEM partners.

The Timing

The timing fits just right in with the holiday season – we had a similar event last year on October 6th with a lot of new product announcements. This year it is a bit late, but October is still a good month for new product announcements.

The new product launches come as Microsoft is discontinuing loss-making products such as the Band line-up. This year’s event doesn’t look like its going to feature as much hardware as last year, but it certainly won’t disappoint us.

Here’s a handy little time converter if you need to look up the time and date of the event for your time zone. For the New Yorkers – October 26th, 10 AM EDT.

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