Microsoft announced Visio for Windows Phone and Android

Office Visio is probably one of those apps that you forget exists in the Office suite. Mostly used for diagrams and charts, an iPad version of it was announced last month.

It seems Microsoft wants to expand its Office suite on the various mobile platforms. The Insider preview program for Visio on iPad was announced last month; now Microsoft is adding Android and Windows phones to it too.

When launched, the Android and Windows 10 Mobile versions will have feature parity with the iOS version – which itself is not yet available for general usage.

Microsoft has not announced when we would see these apps launch. There is no word on when the iOS version comes out of a limited Insider preview either.

When asked for a timeframe, Microsoft pointed towards the roadmap – the roadmap, however, is 1-2 years long. While this could mean the apps would launch in 1-2 years in their final form; nothing is stopping Microsoft from releasing Visio as a preview or beta during its early development.

The IOS version is already available as a limited Insider preview, so the same could be done for Android and Windows Mobile 10.

A beta would also be helpful to Microsoft as they can gather more input and feedback, which is indeed the purpose of the Insider program.

These apps and the roadmap was announced at the Ignite event Microsoft is hosting in Atlanta. At the event, Microsoft also demoed the new iOS app, showing how easy it is to navigate through a large diagram.

It sure is nice to see Microsoft expanding the Office suite on mobile. What is even better is the feature parity between all mobile platforms – something other companies need a lesson for.

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