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Microsoft and Universal Studios are making a Gears of War movie

Game developers and publishers have been trying to deliver a cinematic experience with games for decades – what better way to do that, than turning the game into a movie?

Gears of War movie by Universal Studios

Microsoft and Universal Studios have entered a partnership – one that will give us a full-length feature film based on the Gears of War’s sci-fi universe.

The confirmation came straight from Rod Fergusson – Coalition Studio’s head – during the Gears of War 4 launch live stream.

Who will be directing this movie – or writing it for that matter – have not been announced.

What could come out of this?

This is not the first time a Gears of War movie have been announced – the last time we even had Len Wiseman as the director. The partnership was with New Line Cinema, and though it never came to be – it did leave a few curious minds thinking: how would a Gears of War movie actually look like?

There are a lot of ways for it to go: it could be a cheesy low-budget action movie set in the Gears universe – though Microsoft would be shooting itself in the foot by letting that happen.

It could also be dark, and gritty – something R-rated – with a focus on the story and the realities of an alien invasion. This route could turn the movie into something unique; there are very few films that concentrate on the hard realities of a brutal invasion. Movies like Independence Day are exciting – they have explosions and optimistic speeches, but they are mostly sanitized for a larger audience.

R-rated releases such as Deadpool have already shown us – if you build it, the audience will come.

Microsoft has a lot of room to make a good movie out of this franchise, and potentially branch out into film production itself if things are successful enough. Though, that’s probably a pipe dream.

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