Microsoft accounts for the highest number of contributors at GitHub

Microsoft has been pushing for change within itself ever since Satya Nadella took the helm of the company. The new CEO has been working hard to make the company more agile. While Microsoft is still a large behemoth not to be reckoned with, it has learned to make its peace with the competition.

GitHub Octoverse

Microsoft was once a company that simply steamrolled anyone who got in its way – they would either destroy them or buy them. The new Microsoft of today would rather put Ubuntu on Windows and let people tinker with its products. This change is refreshing, and there is much to be learned from this new direction.

According to GitHub, this change is working towards a more open development community as well. The new Octoverse statistics show Microsoft topping the chart with the highest number of people who contributed to open source projects on GitHub.
GitHub Octoverse, highest number of contributors

The second to Microsoft is Facebook. Google on the other hand comes at number five with 12,140 contributors – compared to Microsoft’s 16,419 contributors.

There are some other interesting statistics in the Octoverse as well – China, Indonesia, and India lead with the highest number of new user signups in that order. Meanwhile, FortAwesome’s FontAwesome project seems to be the most popular open source project on GitHub.

Keep in mind, these statistics are only accounting for the public projects and contributors. Those who work privately might still be ahead – but these numbers do give us an idea of where things have been heading. Satya Nadella has been successful at transforming the behemoth that is Microsoft into something that has learned to be at peace with the industry at large.


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